Rahma Sghaier: Fake

(Picture belongs to its original owner.
No copyright infringement intended)

Fake love

Fake orgasm

Fake beauty

Fake organs

We buy perfection

We’re truth free


Pleasure in pain

Money seduction

We’re going insane

The girl in a man’s bed

is in love with his car

Her heart is underfed

With just drinks in a bar

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Youth sink

In deep filth

And still have

Virgin hearts

Drunken and yet drink,


And throwing darts..

Please think

and re-think!

Stop your run-away

And be REAL


Even for one time!

Your true face must


Find a heart which

Would always be near…

And LOVE it


More than one time!

By Rahma Sghaier

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