La majorité a tort: A letter to free thinkers, writers, bloggers and militants who want to change the world

Militating by writing a book, blogging or through means of social networking is useless. It only preaches those who are already convinced. Those who will follow you are those, who have already reached, by their own means, the same conclusions as you. Skimming through your profiles (you members of this page) have showed how much you look like me. Most of you are “free thinkers”, curious, full of doubts, full of rage against the surrounding stupidity, some of you are into philosophy and some of you would love to “change the world”.

An idea can shape the world (credit to Sir Harald Binder). An idea can change the world, but only given that it reaches, not the rational mind of people, but their heart. Ideas are loveable. Humans love ideas just like they love people and objects. People first make judgments and reach conclusions based on emotions and feelings. They only then give arguments to legitimate their beloved conclusions. Thinking by feeling is fast, very fast, it’s almost an instantaneous process. The process of finding arguments is longer, and only comes later to legitimate the already found conclusions.

An idea can change the world given that it reaches the heart of people. Youtube is full of conferences and interesting debates, but it is full at the same time of “fatwas” and preachers of every sort. What would make a convinced islamist to watch a debate on evolution theory or recent advances in biology? Nothing, he would jump on the first video of his favourite Saudi Arabia preacher. “Wisdom books” have existed since the first days of writing. They are there at the disposal of anyone who wants to read them. But who wants to read them? This is the question. The tragedy of mankind is that those who read are those who do not really need to read, or those who need it the less. “Plato has said everything” as some people say. Some ancient poems and sayings are still timely today. It’s not the ideological production that is missing; it’s probably more the democratisation of this production. This is where may be militating should start. But not by provoking the others, it will only make them more resistant to your ideas. The change can come from using their feelings and nicely manipulating them…

By  La majorité a tort‘s administrator

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