Al Jazeera ِArabic Calls The Theory Of Evolution A Myth and Praises Creationism and Allah

Al Jazeera ِArabic Calls The Theory Of Evolution A Myth and Praises Creationism and Allah

This is not the first time Al Jazeera Arabic makes false claims like this one, what many Americans and people in the West don’t really understand about Al Jazeera Arabic is that it’s one of the most social conservative, pro Islamism, terrorism apologist networks in the Middleeast and the Arab world.

This is a translation of their most recent articles about Evolution.Translation is done by Miss Shorouq Jalal, one of the leading activists running The Enlightened Minds Facebook page.

Our translation of Al Jazeera’s article was published first by Faisal Almutar for whom we are most thankful. His cooperation with us helped make thousands of people aware of the ugly reality of supposedly trustworthy news agencies in the Middle East. This English translation can hence be also found on Faisal Almutar site:


Original Arabic article can be found here:

The writer wonders: If the Falcon had evolved from reptiles, then where are its blueprints and executive design?

By: Fida’ Yasir Al-Jindi

Despite that we live in the age of science and technological progress, in the era of experience and proof, one cannot help being astonished by this strange phenomena, which is a complete contradiction with the spirit and nature of this age — what is stranger is that it (this phenomena) does not spread among the ignorant or the commoners, but among many scientists and intellectuals.

This phenomena is the submission to Darwin’s theory, thinking of it as a stable fact, as well as to explain numerous natural and biological phenomenon based on it, then display them in Magazines, Scientific Theses, and Educational Curriculum.

Among those was a scientific article that I had stumbled upon, on the tremendous design of birds — especially birds of prey. The article tackled the ability of falcons to fly and manoeuvre, and left me shocked to see the author had written, “…And these wings that had evolved through millions of years, ever since the Age of Reptiles, has enabled the falcon to glide through the air with such smoothness, speed, and impulse, with such great skill of gimmick…”. What upset me more is that the translator who had converted this work into Arabic did not bother to exclude that sentence from the article, nor bothered to point out that he had only included it for the accuracy of translation although it is, in fact, incorrect.

Glory be to Allah… would such a saying come from the mouth of someone who writes on Science?

I do not only say this because of the clear scientific evidence which had lead to the utter collapse of this theory altogether (which our kind readers can find in many books and special websites), but also because if I choose to believe in this theory (even for no more than a moment), then I would have betrayed my own mind and logic and everything I had learned along my career and life as an engineer, even if I have not come to those pieces of evidence just yet, and here are my reasons.

The Phases of an Engineering Achievement To achieve any work of Engineering or Architecture, such as building Reinforced Concrete (for example), one must go through several phases. It starts as an idea, then develops into an initial sketch of outlines, next to a more detailed design (in which the dimensions and details must be decided upon with great accuracy), then the essential calculations for the Reinforcements and concrete must be made, as well as for every part of the project (this includes the number of reinforcement rods needed for each part of the establishment and the height and radius of each), and finally, moving from the phase of design to the phase of execution. That is when Civil Engineers would start sketching the Executive Plan Designs, which are even more accurate and detailed than the blueprints, because the execution and building process will be based on them. The accuracy of these is exceptionally high, so that each individual rod and its location will be shown on the design plan, to ensure that the Civil Engineer does his job properly. During execution, we witness the implementation of the “Quality Check” System to ensure that the execution is identical to the design, and that it has been done in the best and most propper ways possible, with a minimum number of faults. After completion of the execution phase, new plans and designs are drawn, which are the Post-Execution plans — that is because no matter how accurate and well-done the execution was, there is always some possibility of human error; additionally, plans identical to the building after construction are critical for the process of continuous future maintenance.

All this only for the construction of an object! When we are building something that moves, such as an airplane, the process gets more complicated; as assembling moving parts is nothing like pouring reinforcement concrete on iron, and no airplane leaves the factory before several hundreds of thousands of execution plans and blueprints have been drawn for it, and not before the airplane had undergone tens of thousands of tests that cover every piece and wire of it, not to mention flight tests. Finally, the airplane is released from the factory with thousands and thousands of pages included in the User Guide and Maintenance manual. If any of us were to visit the Cockpit prerior to take-off, we’d find the pilot reciewing hundreds of clauses he will be forced to sign before the take-off, as any negligence on his side could cause a disaster. Each plane needs an airport, watchtowers, an Airline Ground Staff, and a sophisticated telecommunication system, and even with all that, accidents occur — that is because no one can argue over the existence of a certain inevitable amount of human error in comepletely anything.

The Aerospace Engineering in falcons No scientist can deny that the design of the falcon as a creature qualified for flying can never be compared with any flying machine designed by humans in terms of accuracy, elegance, skill and all other aspects. The man-made artificial machines are very different from the magnificence of the falcon (and any other bird), and any comparison made is only an insult to that living creature; for, every single thing in the falcon – starting from the smallest hair in its wing feathers, up to the largest bone in its body, has a role to play to enable it of flying, manoeuvre, take off, and land in ways that cannot be imagined. And if scientists were to explain what the falcon (and any other bird) has of systems, features, and charesteristics that allow it to fly, they would need documents and design plans that are bigger and more detailed that all the documents, designs, and sketches made by Aerospace Engineers so far (and that only to document what we know about falcons, while much remains still undiscovered).

Additionally, kind readers, birds do not need airports, maintenance, quality checks, or whatever else humans use to ensure the safety of their airplanes. We have never heard of a falcon spending the morning in its nest going through hundreds of clauses that ensure the safety of its flight, nor have we ever heard of a falcon that has to take off and land in airports, with the help of landing grounds and watch towers. The falcon has a fascinating communication system, and all it needs is to flap its wings to begin flying. A falcon only needs enough space for its feet for landing, no matter what flying speed it reaches. It does not require maintenance, or any part replacements. Despite all that, we have never heard of a falcon who had lost its way or missed its target or was forced to make an emergency landing, or thats communication system had been broken, sending it crashing down to the ground!

Now, we ask again: Where are the blueprints of the falcon? Where are its executive designs? Where is its maintenance manual? Its communication system? Where, where, where?

I cannot, as an engineer who’s knowledgeable in the phases of construction and manufacturing, knowing what it takes to make one single airplane, to be convinced (not even for 1 in a billion) that the falcon had evolved through millions of years from a reptile to a full bird, without sketches, blueprints, or even a manual, to be as perfect as we see today, unless the people making this claim would provide me with the details of the phases of its production, with full documentation of calculations, sketches and a user-guide manuals!

I do not understand how scientists deny these facts (and many other facts as well), and run panting after some worn-out half-monkey-skull they find in some African forests, so that they could base tons of fantasies on it in their attempt to prove this theory (which scientists would throw behind had they been honest with themselves).

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds All we can do now is to praise Allah who has guided us to the clear truth, which can be reached through science, mind, and logic, which is that the falcon (such as all the creatures of the universe) are the “The work of Allah, who perfected all things”; Allah who “When He decrees an affair, He only says to it, “Be,”; and “Exalted is He and high above what they describe”.

End of Translation

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